Bonds of Attraction – Islamic Marriage and Relationship Enhancement Services


Three most fulfilling Bonds of Attraction in our lives are with: our Lord Allah, our ownselves, and our beloved families, including our wiveshusbands and children. The stronger these bonds, the more you’ll deeply enjoy every moment of your life! At, Shaykh and Dr Aslam AbuIsmaeel, brings his scholarly training from the Islamic University of Medina, his two decades of Muslim community work experience, over ten years of Islamic relationship counselling along with his extensive relationship learning from some of the leading world renowned relationship therapists and researchers. Rarely do you find this combination, alhamdulillah!

With Allah’s help, we at aim to fill the hearts and lives of Muslims with sheer pleasure that combines the success of this life & the eternal one.



Sheikh Aslam acquired his Islamic scholarly studies from Islamic Uni of Madinah, and studied with other leading Islamic scholars from various countries. He also specialized inIslamic marriage guidance via extra islamic studies with the scholars at Islamic university of Madinah, has more than 10years experience in practical Islamic marriage counselling/ conflict resolution. And In addition to his Islamic marriage aspect, he has extensively research the work of almost all the leading world-renowned non Muslim marriage therapists and has received training with some of them.

Having been active helping in the Muslim community for over 2 decades he brings his Islamic,scientific studies and counselling experience to the Bonds of Attraction.

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