Personal Counselling Sessions

Reading books and learning from audio or video courses is, no doubt, very beneficial.  But every family, spouse, parent and child is an individual, unique in their own way.  Hence, we find many Muslims prefer to also have individual and personal counselling sessions with a qualified religious scholar who is also well-informed about the findings of contemporary marriage and parenting studies.  But, unfortunately, we tend to find Muslim marriage and parenting counsellors who have secular education but are not qualified Islamic scholars of Sharee’ah while, on the other hand, we find some who are knowledgeable Islamically but not trained by experts of contemporary research and practice.  However, Sheikh Aslam, with Allah’s help, is one of the rare Muslims who combines both spheres at a respectable level.

Sheikh Aslam AbuIsmaeel combines Islamic knowledge with research and training of contemporary Muslim and non-Muslim experts of marriage and parenting.  You can have one-off or a series of live personal sessions with him via phone or internet, where you can get his advice based on Islamic guidance in monthly sessions over a period of 6 months or more or less.

Who these counselling sessions are for

These sessions are for single Muslims seeking advice on a suitable spouse for them, couples about to get married wanting to get a great start in marriage, or those already married wanting to have an even greater marriage.  Furthermore, the sessions are also for ongoing parenting guidance for those who want to give their children a great future – in-sha-Allah.